The ADVANTAGE 1.0 (Product-No. A0100000) and the EXECUTIVE 2.0  (Artikel-Nr. E0200000) aren´t available from the beginning of December 2016.

The IS320.1 is the following device of the ADAVANTAGE 1.0. The powerful mobile phone for zone 1/21 is equipped with Android operation system. The rugged key-operated phone provides many technical advantages: Wi-Fi, Android, NFC, Dual SIM, LED-torch, amplified loudspeaker and SOS button.
Available from January 2017.

For ATEX zone 2/22 for example the IS740.2 is an alternative to the EXECUTIVE 2.0. The IS740.2 is a very robust and water-protected industrial device. Current technology and a powerful battery provide best comfort. The device is equipped with NFC, Dual Micro SIM, 13 MP camera, LED torch and amplified loudspeaker. Available soon.

You currently have the ADVANTAGE 1.0 or the EXECUTIVE 2.0 in use and think about new purchases next year? The MOBILE GmbH can advise you about your options.

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