In September the company, with headquarters in Lauda-Königshofen, celebrated its 5th anniversary. In 2011, the four founders of i-safe MOBILE GmbH started in Germany with the development and commercialisation of mobile explosion safe telephones. Only a few months later the group was flooded with requests from all over the world. The issuing of legislations specific for each country and for the international market became necessary.

In 2014 MOBILE expanded its portfolio with a new brand: RugGear Europe. RugGear stands for rugged mobile phones, smartphones and tablets for outdoor use in industry, craft, agriculture or even in leisure time. These devices which can be used for professional reasons as well as for private ones are extremely solid, waterproof, dustfree and also dropproof.

In the mean time, the MOBILE team has grown up to 25 employees and every day we attend to more than 100 clients worldwide. Just like the number of employees, the product range and the company itself are in full expansion. Thanks to a successful positioning of both brands in the international market the turnover has increased to over an amount of two million.

Amongst its references, this young group includes large trusts in the oil- and gasindustry, chemistry and pharmaceutical businesses, contracting and security firms, airports and public organisations as well.

We highly value our four CEO’s, Dirk Amann, Michael Bergmeier, Martin Haaf and Uwe Scholz who do their daily job with passion and mutual respect towards both their colleagues and clients. Their other sustainable goal is to provide an optimal service to their clients.

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